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Equity Trade

USDBILLS Broad-market ETFs

U.S. stock indices:

NASDAQ Composite 

S&P 500

Dow Jones Industrial Average


Sector ETFs

Stock Sectors3 Month % Change
Consumer Durables+11.18%
Consumer Non-Durables+8.24%
Commercial Services+11.87%
Electronic Technology+12.66%
Energy Minerals-2.79%
Health Services+1.75%
Retail Trade+10.51%
Technology Services+7.06%

Dividend ETFs

U.S. Stock Mutual Funds

Taxable Bond Mutual Funds

Sector Mutual Funds

Municipal Bond Mutual Funds

International Stock Mutual Funds

Balanced Mutual Funds

Alternative Mutual Funds

Commodities Mutual Funds

Style-based ETFs

United States Market Index ETFs

Foreign Market Index ETFs

Foreign Currency ETFs

Sector and Industry ETFs

Commodity ETFs

Derivative ETFs

Style ETFs

Bond ETFs

ETNs โ€” Exchange Traded Notes

Inverse ETFs

Leveraged ETFs

Actively Managed ETFs

Innovative ETFs

Commodity ETFs

Metals (such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper)

Energy (such as crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline)

Livestock and Meat (including lean hogs, pork bellies, live cattle, and feeder cattle)

Agricultural (including corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, cotton, and sugar)

Currency ETFs

US dollar (USD) 

euro (EUR)

Japanese yen (JPY) 

British pound (GBP)

Australian dollar (AUD) 

Canadian dollar (CAD)

Swiss franc (CHF)

Euro/Dollar Pair (EUR/USD)

Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

British Pound Sterling/US Dollar (GBP/USD)

US Dollar/Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)

Australian Dollar/US Dollar (AUD/USD)

US Dollar/Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD)

New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar (NZD/USD)

Bond ETFs

Sovereign: Tracks bonds issued by the governments of sovereign nations, including the U.S.

Corporate: Tracks bonds issued by corporations

Municipals: Tracks bonds issued by local U.S. municipalities

Broad Market: Tracks some blend of the above

Equity Precious Metals


Corporate Bond

Real Estate

Large Growth

Small Growth


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